Media Meltdown Podcast


Nuclear Reaction

Ever wonder what it would sound like when 2, 3 or even 4 idiots get into a room together and just talk? When those idiots happen to be from the Media Meltdown Podcast network, well, that results in a NUCLEAR REACTION! In this variety show of sorts, the hosts of MMP talk about everything and anything, and no subject is off limits!


Have you ever been at a bar or restaurant and over heard the strangest conversation, and you couldn't help but eavesdrop? Welcome to CRH.

Named as a tip of the cap to the web series "Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog", Crazy Random Happenstance started when Marc was looking for a creative outlet. The idea of a podcast, a medium limited only by your imagination, seemed like the perfect place to let it all out. Marc recruited his childhood friend Joanna and they started recording the same type of conversations that kept them up all night when they were fourteen. Always in tow with Joanna was her boyfriend (now husband) Mike, who eventually became an on air personality as well.

Every week the CRH crew comments on current events, picks apart the absurd, and shares their "Favorite Things" of the week which could be a movie, TV show, web series or anything else that's gotten them excited. The CRH team has interviewed gubernatorial candidates, Emmy winners, and filmmakers all the while making their audience think and laugh out loud, even if it's at each other's expense.

Focus on Film

Do you like film? Right, but do you really like film? Have we got just the show for you! It's called Focus on Film (fitting, right?) and it's hosted by Dan and Ryan, who get together once a month to talk about the latest slate of announcements from the fine folks over at The Criterion Collection. The next "Most Wanted" segment is where the two (more often than not) bearded gentlemen choose a title they want to see Criterion release on Blu-ray. Next they discuss their Best and Worst films viewed that month. The icing on this delicious celluloid cake is the "Revolving Topic" segment, which could be virutally anything! Tune in, enjoy, and don't forget to take a big ol' whiff...because FOF smells like cinema!

If you're interested in any of the titles discussed on this show, please use the MMP Amazon link to purchase them!


Our family friendly show all about Disney. Stephen, Jeff, and Steve C. cover the latest Disney hot-topics including park news, media news, and more. We have our top 5 lists that have included topics such as money saving tips, Disney movie songs, rides that need to go, and more.

We also do special episodes like the "Saving Mr. Banks" review and how to make the most of your first Disneyland trip. We love our fans and always want your lists for the show! We are now on YouTube so you can see which "location" we are coming from. We'll see you real soon!


In a world... dominated by movie trailers, Stephen, Steve C and Will break down all the new trailers you need to know about on a monthly basis. That's right, once a month all the new trailers will be shown and talked about in a round table format where opinions will be shared... whether you like it or not. This show is a "must watch" for people who want to see what is coming soon.

The High 5

The flagship show of our network revolves around a weekly top 5 list of media related topics that include anything from movies, TV, music, and more.

Hosted by Stephen and Ryan and a rotating panel of cotributors from the network, they weigh in on what they watched that week along with our weekly list. Past topics have included High 5 Simpsons episodes, Beatles songs, comic book villains, favorite video games, and more.

We ask listeners for their lists and welcome great debates on all topics.

The Newsroom

Our entertainment news source for the network. Stephen, Jeff, and Steve C. talk about the entertainment news of the passed week. We cover breaking news, comic book news, casting, movies, TV, and all things media. We have had great debates and like to play casting agents from time to time.

Have a news story you want us to cover, then let us know. We are now on YouTube as well. We break the news, then fix it!

Owari no Podcast

Do you ever think "Hey, I would really like to watch a bunch of schools kids shoot BB's at a yellow alien with tentacles that is also their teacher for twelve episodes!"? Niether did I, but you can get all that and more with anime! That's why these three guys decided to sit in a room for an hour and talk about it.

Otaku (Nerd) or not, you too can enjoy every aspect of anime with Owari no Podcast. Each episode we will discuss our current show obsessions and the 3,000 shows we have yet to watch... but we will watch them all.

Time Limit Draw

Is there anything worse than talking about wrestling with someone who doesn't "get it"? Sure... maybe stuff like racism, famine, and the holocaust are worse, but talking to non-cool dudes about wrestling is still pretty lame. Well, don't worry about that anymore, you can tune in to TIME LIMIT DRAW each month on the Media Meltdown Podcast Network and hear the kinds of wrestling fans you like talking about wrestling the way you want to hear them talking about it!

"Don't you know it's fake?" Don't you know that if you even think about saying that shit on our show we'll put you to sleep faster than CM Punk can complain about something on Twitter. So tune in and enjoy wrestling fans, talking wrestling!