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"Tangled Up In Blu" - "The Wire - Complete Series" (2002-2008)

Saturday, June 6, 2015

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The Wire is widely considered one of the greatest television shows ever created by many people. I would be hard pressed to disagree with them. The show follows dozens of well defined characters making their residence in the city of Baltimore. The realism, detail and authenticity of this show is really second to none, even the often dismissed 5th season has a lot of good to offer, although it is the point in the show where the story begins to be slightly far fetched. This show is one of my all time favorites and its rich character development, sharp writing, and amazing cast allows for many repeat viewings where something new and great will be discovered each time.

5/5 Stars


Fans of the show will remember that this show has always been presented in a full frame aspect ratio. Well, for the first time, on this set, it has been newly commissioned in widescreen, and the new format looks flawless on blu-ray. The colors, drab as the colors in The Wire may be, pop more than ever, and the image is really just fantastic.

5/5 Stars


The 5.1 audio track is crisp and clear. The audio mix sounds very strong to me on my home system. All the goings on in the city of Baltimore are both seen, and heard very clearly thanks to this solid audio track!

5/5 Stars


Audio commentaries on 22 episodes throughout the series are included, but are direct ports from the previous DVD set. It also comes with a digital copy of the entire series, so you can watch on your mobile device if you so desire. 4 Documentaries include: The Wire Reunion (New), The Last Word (Port from the DVD), The Wire Odyssey (Port from the DVD), and "Prequels" (New.) The best feature in my opinion is "Prequels" which gives the viewer a look into what some of the characters from the show were like when they were much younger before the show took place.

3/5 Stars


I love the simplicity of the art on this set. The box itself is sturdy and really sharp looking. HBO always does a phenomenal job at not skimping on the packaging and presentation of their home releases, and this is no different. It has an embossed slip cover over the box, which contains all 5 seasons in individual standard Blu-ray cases. Top notch work from HBO!

5/5 Stars


BUY THIS SET!! Now that I own it, I can already tell it's a likely candidate for my favorite release of the year (which I will reveal on Annual Episode #3 of Focus on Film in January!) :) For any fan of this show, or fans of great television in general who may not have seen the show just yet, this is something any collector would love to have on their shelves.


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