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"Tangled Up In Blu" Introduction

Sunday, May 24, 2015


Hey guys, Ryan here! I am going to be starting to post reviews on here now and again for some theatrical releases, as well as reviews of some notable Blu-ray releases. I know I'm in the minority of people who LOVE physical media, but I feel as though, even with Netflix, Hulu Plus, HBO Go and the like, nothing has come along yet that can even touch the experience of popping in a great film on Blu-ray! I will warn you, my reviews will be brief and concise, as I don't want to bore anybody with details or give away any plot points to films people may not have seen.

With that being said, my first review will be coming up shortly, please enjoy, and leave comments and/or feedback! Any suggestions for Blu-ray releases you want to see me tackle? Let me know!

Posted at 3:23 PM by Ryan Grudinski
Commentary , Review, Tangled Up In Blu

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