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"Tangled Up In Blu" - Otto Preminger's "Bunny Lake Is Missing" (1965)

Sunday, May 24, 2015

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This film starts off slow, builds to a very suspenseful second act, and then unfortunately ends with a cheesy whimper of lunacy and over the top acting and writing. It's the story of a woman who goes to pick up her daughter, Bunny, from daycare, but much to her shock and horror, nobody seems to remember Bunny at all, and nobody seems to be able to even prove she's ever existed in the first place. The premise is very interesting, and has been copied many times since then, most recently with 2005's "Flightplan." Though the premise of the film was unique (at the time) and it had the potential to be an all time classic, it falters a few too many times throughout for my taste with some pretty gaping plot holes, and silly antics from some of the characters. The film isn't a complete disaster, and maybe someone else may find the problems I had with it to be not such a big deal. It has going for it a few very strong performances from Carol Lynley and Keir Dullea as brother and sister, Ann and Steven Lake. And of course, Laurence Olivier is just great as the inspector on Bunny's case. The film isn't bad, just didn't live up to the potential it had given the superb plot premise, in my humble opinion.

3/5 Stars


Twilight Time has been known to either give really great transfers or really poor ones (Like Night of the Living Dead) This is another of their superb black & white transfers.

5/5 Stars


The lossless DTS track is perfect, I did not notice any issues throughout my viewing.

5/5 Stars


One thing about Twilight Time is that since they only print 3000 of each of their films, they always come at a steep cost (29.95 each at regular retail price, and then god knows how much after they inevitably go out of print) And for such a high price they often don't include many special features. This is no exception to that rule. An Audio commentary track is all that can be found on this disc aside from trailers, which hardly count as a feature in my opinion.

1/5 Stars


Gorgeous cover art in this traditional Twilight Time release, and it includes a booklet with an essay inside.

4/5 Stars


While the film didn't live up to my expectations, it is by no means a bad film, and it deserves a second look. I would recommend picking this up if you can get it on sale like I did (I got it for $20.00 which is VERY cheap for a Twilight Time film.) The thing about purchasing films put out by TT is that they always retain their value, or in many cases, go out of print, and increase in value, so it's a very low risk venture if you've got the money to spend.


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