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"Tangled Up In Blu" - Alfred Hitchcock's "Jamaica Inn" (1939)

Sunday, May 24, 2015




This film is what I would consider lower tier Hitchcock... That being said, it's still pretty good. Charles Laughton gives an often over the top performance as Sir Humphrey Pengallan, the proprietor of the Inn which serves as the scene for local criminals, pirates and scavengers to ransack wrecked ships. This is the first of three Hitchcock films adapted from Daphne Du Maurier's work, the second and third being the much superior "Rebecca" and "The Birds"

3/5 Stars


An excellent 4k black & white transfer! It looked impeccable to me!

5/5 Stars


Left something to be desired for sure. I had it turned way up so that I could make out the dialog, and I still had some trouble. Often times sounded hollow and dull.

2/5 Stars


Cohen Film Collection is a small boutique film distribution label that it trying to make a name for itself in the blu-ray market. They have a handful of titles out at this point, and it seems as though they are aiming for the market that The Criterion Collection already has relatively cornered. While this is a fine release, the bonus features are quite sparse. There is an audio commentary as well as a 13 minute video essay about some of what went into making this film. Finally, one thing that always bugs me as someone who a) doesn't have the best hearing and b) enjoys watching films late at night while the little lady is asleep, I NEED subtitles! (especially for a film like this where everyone is speaking so fast and with very thick British accents) This disc sadly does NOT include a subtitle track. A feature that shouldn't even be mentioned, in my opinion, however, it's exclusion is inexcusable.

2/5 Stars


One of the many reasons I find the Blu-ray experience to be vastly superior to that of digital or streaming is the packaging on some releases. Although most of the time you won't get anything special, a lot of companies put extra care into their physical releases. Cohen Film Collection has a basic format that they use on all of their releases which I both like and dislike for different reasons. They release all of their films in a non-standard clear (as opposed to blue) case, which I find to look quite good. Jamaica Inn includes a small booklet which features the cast listing, as well as some images from the film. The one thing I don't care for about CFC's releases is the ugly "C" design featured on the cover of all of their releases. It is basically a large square shaped "C" around the left side of the cover with a small image of the film's art in the opening of the "C." I am all for uniformity, but this design is simply not pleasing to the eyes.

3/5 Stars


If you're a fan of this film or a Hitchcock completest (like myself) pick it up! (Link Below) The video transfer is out of this world, just don't expect to dive into many special features when the film is done!


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Review, Tangled Up In Blu

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