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High 5 Technical Advancements In Media

Saturday, April 12, 2014

If you have heard the latest episode of the High 5 I was kicked off during an update of my Widows 8 (Thanks Obama) and I really did not try to hard to get back on. You can hear my explanation of my #5 pick, IMAX, on the show. What follows were my picks that I would have discussed on the show. Leave your comments below and what you would consider breakthroughs in media.

#4 - The RED Camera 


Although not the first digital camera on the market, this was the one that changed film making for better or for worse. It was the first digital camera that had movie quality picture. The RED team took years to finally develop a chip that was the same size of an actual frame of 35 mm film, this was cost effective which was great all around for studios and film makers so more of the budget of a film could be used elsewhere. It was one quarter of the cost of a standard film based camera. The first short film made on the camera was from Peter Jackson called Crossing The Line, he quickly sang the praises of the camera. Steven Soderbergh also uses the camera for his film and blockbusters like Pirates of the Caribbean, The Social NetworkThe Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, District 9, and The Amazing Spider-Man were filmed using this camera.  The low cost and high quality also opened up the indie market, making it easier to film on a much lower budget.  Special effects were also easier to insert because of the digital filming. This is why it is my number four.

#3 - Cable Television

cable wire

Yes kids there was a time where you were your controller for the TV that your parents used. A time where you had an antenna with a big dial next to the TV where you had marking for your local network TV and UHF stations. Then this coaxial cable came along and changed everything, we got cable. wWith almost one hundred stations it blew our minds. We were finally able to see Star Wars on our TV, experience whole channels dedicated to music videos, find great games show featuring the hottest arcade machines. There were even a stations just for kids, one called Nickelodeon with brand new shows, and The Disney Channel where we saw classic cartoons and early Brittany Spears, Christina Aguilera, and Justin Timberlake. Sports and news 24 hours a day, and a station called TBS where everything started five minutes later just to piss people off.  Of course this grew and today we have even more channels for every taste in your house and it has given us great series like Breaking Bad, Battlestar Galactica, The Sopranos, Mad Men, and so many more. Of course just under cable TV you could place other innovations if you wanted like On Demand.  An invention some could argue that hurt us, turning us into coach potatoes. Like any technology its all up to the user on how to use it.

#2 - Streaming Services


How do you watch TV? This service including Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime, and more coming each and every year have changed the way we consume media. At first it was just movies and a few TV shows but when Netflix snatched up Arrested Development and started producing new series like House of Cards, Orange Is The New Black, and more.  Amazon and Hulu starting to make its own series with top name talent the options are so varied it makes it difficult to consume everything. Streaming does not just include these big names put all the major networks stream there shows in some form now so if you have a smart tv or a good set up it makes you wonder if you even really need in this modern age of media. It also gave us a new term called binge watching.  We should not forget the streaming music services like Pandora, Spotify, and more. With these mostly free apps it leads me to my number one.

#1 - The iPod/Smartphone


The iPod revolutionized the way we all listened to music, no matter what you think of the company it changed everything. By making a simple program like iTunes and easy drag and drop features to add it on to your iPod, it was the entry way into the digital media consumption world.  There were other programs and MP3 player that have come and gone, the Zune anyone, but up until recently it held a death grip on the music player consumer.  With the addition of the app store it ventured into mobile gaming in a big way, also as the generation of iPods/iPhones came so to did GPS, Netflix, and other apps. With other companies out in the smartphone market like Samsung, HTC, and others there is a wide verity of ways to consume all forms of media. The Google Play store is giving Apple a run for it money with some healthy competition.  With the ability to download apps, like the CBS app, you can connect your phone to your tv through a simple HDMI and stream network TV.  Maybe this will make cable a thing of the past, like when I talk to Chris on how we had only 6 channels and had to wait for reruns in the summer.  The information age is truly a wonderful time to be alive, but really go outside every once and a while!

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