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Red Cliff - 2008/2009

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Director: John Woo

Director John Woo has made some big films in the states such as Face/Off and Mission Impossible II and classics such as Hard Boiled and The Killer but despite his pedigree nothing he has ever done impressed me as much as his return to China and his biggest film (literally) of all time Red Cliff. Red Cliff is one of the most famous battles in Chinese History and comes straight from the Romance of the Three Kingdoms books (some of the most famous in China as well) in fact they've influenced a major game series as well known as Dynasty Warriors (so some events here may be familiar to fans of that series). This film boasts a cast of thousands, including thousands of Chinese Soldiers used as extras, it has been nominated and won many awards in the Asian film market and made over 100M in China alone.

While China got a two film, five hour cut, the US and other foreign markets only got a 2.5 hour condensed cut but my recommendation goes to both. If you cant stand 5 hours of Chinese, the 2.5 hour cut is still just as epic as any needs to depict one of the biggest and most famous battles in history and this film depicts it beautifully. The cast is filled with some of the biggest actors in China and easily most elaborate sets and costumes and choreography. If there is any downside it would be the dubbing (you can watch in Chinese with subtitles so not a big deal) and the soundtrack (which as we know with Hero can be much better than we got here). But if you love films such as Kingdom of Heaven, Return of the King, Troy, or really any massive epic, this film is the best of that genre and is done by a great action director who is finally back home and obviously comfortable with it.- Jeremiah

Red Cliff Part 1: 7.4 (IMDB)
Red Cliff Part 2: 7.6 (IMDB)
Rottentomatoes Score: 89%

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