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M.A.D. - Day 51: Machete Kills

Friday, February 21, 2014

The U.S. government recruits Machete to battle his way through Mexico in order to take down an arms dealer who looks to launch a weapon into space.

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"I just gotta say that you are one genuine article, Genghis Khan, high-caliber, fucker-people-upper."

Well this movie was what I expected, just plain fun. A great B-Movie made with over the top action, comedy, and over the top gore. I am going to say something here about Mel Gibson. This is the first movie I have watched of his since the remarks he said a few years ago. I wish I could say he was a distraction or that he was not very good, but he was good. I do not like him as a person but it is not like he killed someone, he is just an idiot. He is sick with addiction, and I truly hope he got the help he needed. I will start to watch his movies again. If you like these type of movies it is wort a rent at least.

Rating: 3 Stars

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