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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

What a year it has been for our show and network, we had some great times and some sad times. I would like to look back on this year and take a look ahead to see what my come in the year 2014. I really can not believe its almost here, another year I thought I would never see. I always thought I would never live this long to see this upcoming year, and I used to tell my first wife that too. I hate when she turns out right! Although recently we have had some losses with in the network, and we wish them well, I think everything happens for a reason. So lets look back at this year and look at the good things that happened. We had some great High 5's this past year which included topics such as Best Posters, Best First Films From Directors, and something I can look back at and laugh at TV Themes. On the Newsroom we had some great debates about Kickstarter, Man Of Steel, Affleck as Batman, and the infamous Spike Lee. We also launched a few shows some stayed around like Focus on Film, while other Blu themselves out. We tried some different formats to see if it was something we enjoyed, and we were able to interview some great people like the very funny Jim Piddock of Family Tree, Matt Thompson thoughts on Hollywood, and Eric Levy on directing an iconic TV mom. I am very optimistic about the future for our network. Our numbers continue to grow thanks in part to our fans who talk about us to their friends, thank you for spreading the word! We want YOU to be part of the fun we have and include you in each show. As we go back to our High 5, Newsroom, and Focus on Film formats do not be surprised to find something special every once and a while. Before I go I would like to send some love out. I would like to thank Sean and Roy for the time they spent with us. I would like to thank Steve C. for being our number one fan that turned into a great asset and friend. To Jeff I would like to say I am so glad I was wrong and am very happy that we have become close friends. Last but not least Ryan, my co-host and so much more. The day he finally gave in and decided to go on this adventure with me was one of the best days. We have not always agreed, we have fought, but most of all we have grown closer this past year. I am so happy for him and his future, and not just for the show. If you have any ideas or thoughts please send them our way at We have fun doing these shows for you guys and gals and hope you enjoy listening to them as well. Spread the word! 2014 is the year of MEDIA MELTDOWN PODCAST!

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