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Blu-Ray Reviews For 7/30/13

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Flashpoint Paradox

The latest in a great line of DC Universe animated movies, all are not great but most are good for a rental. This movie is based on the crossover that relaunched the New 52 for DC Comics. I enjoyed the comic books and the three shoot spin-offs that they produced, especially the Batman re-imagining it produced. So does this movie hold up? Is this a movie just for DC nerd, Flash fans, and lovers of Elseworld stories? Lets find out.

This is a Flash story make no mistake about it, but it is followed right behind by a great alternate JLA story as well. After defeating the Reverse-Flash and defeating his Rouges gallery, he decides to change his mother from being killed and goes back in time to save her. This, of course, alters his timeline greatly where Bruce Wayne is not Batman and Superman is nowhere to be found. The story is solid through out, but is probably the most violent of all the animated movies to date, it is a hard PG-13.

The voice acting in this movie is top notch, as always really for the run of these movies. You have Justin Chambers as Flash, C. Thomas Howell as Reverse-Flash, Nathan Fillion as Hal Jordan, and Cary Elwes as Aquaman. They all bring their A-Game and the it shows in the performances. Other than the recent Dark Knight Returns Parts 1 & 2 it is probably my favorite performances in these animated movies.

The Blu-Ray is the version to buy, they always load them with more extras and this disc is no exception. It includes commentary, two documentaries about the Flash universe, a sneak peek on the next feature, and four episodes featuring the Flash from JLA series and Batman: The Brave and the Bold. Warner Brothers always does these discs right, and it is always a good buy. I highly recommend this for animation fans, DCU fans, and especially Flash fans.

Star Trek: The Next Generation

This is the season where the show really kicked into high gear with consistent great episodes and even the ones that are not great are at least good. In the past seasons there have been episodes that you can skip and not miss anything but each of these has at least a little something to it. Be it the acting, guest stars, or story lines that start getting you more involved in the actual lives of the crew. The cast seemed to get comfortable with the characters they inhabit and you can tell that at this point they know how to embody them.

There are so many stand out episodes in this season I will just highlight a few of them. Let's start with the season opener Best Of Both Worlds Part 2. It opens with the command Riker gave at the end of the last season not working. Riker now has to mount a rescue mission for Picard in hopes of saving his life and taking out the Borg inplants. The next episode of note is Brothers which is one of the first Worf episodes and introduces his son into the mix. A great overall look into the Klingon Federation and homeworld. The final episode is Data's Day which is a fun episode following Data as he gets ready to walk Keiko down the isle.

Now the real beauty of this disc is the Hi-Def transfer and the updated special effects. These discs are gorgeous, and are full of extras. Overviews of the season, gag reels, commentary for select episodes, deleted scenes, and more. They are doing a great job with these sets and I for one am looking forward to Deep Space Nine. 

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