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A Review of Pacific Rim

Sunday, July 21, 2013


by Stephen Operach

I go into every movie wanting to enjoy myself, wanting to get immersed in the story that particular director is setting forth. I also try and go into these movies knowing which director I am seeing so I can set proper expectations. I think this is why I can enjoy a movie like Transformers 3 and Man of Steel. I expect more from a director like Guillermo del Toro, even when he makes movies like Hellboy you can see his touches everywhere. My question is what the fuck happened with this movie?

This should have been a movie right in my wheelhouse, giant robots hitting giant monsters with, what should have been, long fights. The look of the movies is for sure del Toro, but what happened with the script? His movies usually stand out in the script, he always put some kind of sense of wonder, hope, and emotion into his movies. Where is that in this, his worst movie he has made. The story line of another person on a different robot not liking the main character for no reason even though that person's dad fought with him and told his son he is a great pilot. Do not even get me started on the unnecessary love story in this movie, thrown together for no reason. This is not a film that needs a love story. I should also mention the two scientist that were so cookie cutter. I expect this from Michael Bay not del Toro. Charlie Day tries very hard to bring something to his role but I just found this movie to be so generic it hurt.

Lets get on to what you would think would be the main draw, the fights between the robots and monsters. Out of the two hours and fifteen minutes, we get about forty minutes of fighting, a really good opening sequence, small sequences on the TV in between, and then about a solid 15 minutes toward the end. The best fight is definitely the Tokyo sequence, it is one of the only fights actually set in some kind of lighting. The rest are good but shot in the dark, so the action is a bit hard to follow. I could not imagine watching this in 3-D with glasses on that will make everything darker once you put them on.

I might do my star rating a little different then Ryan, I definitely set expectations on the director I am watching. Is it fair that I expect more from del Toro than Micheal Bay? probably not, but what I do expect is that I be entertained for more than half of a movie. Not counting down the minutes for when the next fight will be on the screen.

Plot: **
Acting: **
Writing: **
Direction: ** 1/2
Technical: The creature and robot designs are great, the rest of the world lacks the del Toro charm. The combat sequences are great when they are not lost in the darness of the overall look of the movie.
X-Factors: I am trying here but anything I can think of is either "borrowed" from anime or just plain for a movie made from del Toro
Verdict: **
Will This Movie end up in my collection? Only if Chris asks for it for Christmas

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