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A MOSTLY Spoiler Free Review of 'Now You See Me' Directed By: Louis Leterrier

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

by: Ryan Grudinski

Now You See Me is a film that I have very mixed feelings about. I love magic, I have always loved magic. I find it fascinating how professional magicians are able to pull off their illusions so seamlessly and with such style and grace. It's something my bumbling ass could never do. This movie has a lot of great magic, so as a fan of that it did not disappoint me. I am also a fan of movies with coherent plots that make sense. This is where the film loses me a little bit. There are twists in here that anyone who's thinking could see coming a mile away (I'm not usually very good at seeing twists in films AT ALL, and I knew the twist about 45 minutes into the film.) It's got some good performances from a pretty talented cast. Some of the dialog is laughably cheesy, but bearable (it's not Man of Steel for god's sake.) You'll have to excuse me. I just threw up all over my keyboard. I have this new thing where when I mention Zack Snyder's latest turd my body rejects the thought of it, and it causes me to regurgitate my lunch. Let me just clean off my keyboard... and ok, we're back. Where were we? Oh right, Now You See Me... I recommend seeing this film once, maybe from Redbox or Netflix. It's certainly not worth rushing out to a theater to see, but it's enjoyable and it keeps the audience engaged. The twist I mentioned earlier is one of those kinds of twists that opens a Pandora's box of plot holes once it happens, but it's not so egregious that it ruins the film.

Plot: ***
Acting: ***
Writing: ***
Direction: ***
Technical: Nothing noteworthy.
X-Factors: Good fun. If you like magic, there's certainly some stuff for you in here.
Verdict: ***
Will This Movie end up in my collection? No.


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