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Top Two Blu-Ray Releases For The Week Of 6/4/13

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Breaking Bad: Season 5

What a way to welcome this column back with one of the best TV series ever. Season 5 is split so this is only the first eight episodes of the last season. They do however start to ramp up the story right from the start. Walter cleans up all evidence about his involvment with Gus and starts to build his own empire. A laptop is left behind with security camera footage of Walter and ends up at the police station. There is a plane to get the footage erased and its a great episode to watch and see how it unfolds. They start up the Meth business again using a mobile gain, but in houses that are being fumigated. Meanwhile Skyler realizes Walter is getting worse, asks Marie to watch her children as she has no other to sit back to watch his cancer come back to kill him. There is a train robbery episode to get a chemical they need and a shocking event occurs in the desert. The last episode will have you double guessing on what you leave in the bathroom. If yu want to catch up and watch the episodes before the final half of the season again get the blu-ray or its on Amazon instant.

Alfred Hitchcock: The Essentials Collection

This is paired down version of the other collection of this great filmmakers movies. This set includes Psycho, Rear Window, North By Northwest, Vertigo, and Birds five of his best and well known films. Psycho is getting back into the mainstream with the prequel show Bates Motel, but the original is still on of the best thrillers ever. Fun fact, this was the first movie to start having actual start times and not allow patrons in after fifteen minutes into the movie. Rear Window is a superb piece that has limited space but uses that space in such a way that the audience feels the walls closing in. Birds is my least favorite out the bunch, it does not age very well and the horror is just not really there in this day and age. A confession I have never seen North By Northwest its on my list but it is copied in a great clip from The Simpsons. Finally my favorite Hitchcock movie Vertigo, James Stewart is an ex-police officer hired by a friend to watch his wife who he thinks is possessed by a dead woman. A simple enough plot but the places it goes and the way they use San Francisco as a backdrop is amazing. If you have not bought the full Hitchcock set jump into this one for sure.

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