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Top Two Blu-Ray Releases For The Week Of 6/11/13

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Oz the Great And Powerful

This was surprisingly good considering its a prequel. Director Sam Raimi does a great job with the 3-D right off. This is a movie that actually uses the 3-D to its best use, to make the movie engaging and to help the story move forward. It is not used for as just a gimmick thrown on to make money. James Franco plays a traveling side show magician who get caught in a tornado and trans ported to the land of Oz. From there he meets a helpful which named Theodora and gets introduced to her sister Evanora. From this meeting Evanora gives him the task of hunting down the evil witch, then he could return home. Along the way he meets Finley the flying monkey, China Girl, and Glinda The Good. Its a fun story but might be a bit scary for the small ones. Now the extras are very poor. Some behind the scenes stuff that are at most ten minutes long. No second Screen or commentary track from anyone from the movie. It still an above average movie worth buying just hoping for more extras.

Movie:    3 1/2 Stars 
Extras:  2 1/2 Stars
Overall: 3 Stars 
The movie its self is worth the purchase but do not expect anything from the extras.

House Of Cards

This was the first original series from Netflix. I think they launched the original content with a bang. David Fincher and Kevin Spacey bring the British television series to America. Kevin Spacey plays Francis Underwood the Majority Whip who has been n politics for a long time, and has his eyes on something bigger. When he gets looked over for a major role in the new administration he start the ball rolling on his own plans to use his power to make his own influence felt. The way the series breaks the fourth wall is jarring at first but I like it. Make no mistake these are bad people doing bad things, it is a dark series. There is also a lull in the series around episode 6 to 9, there are great moments just a bit dull. It might be the way its delivered all at once, you don't have that wait like regular series. The supporting cast is great as well featuring Robin Wright, Michael Kelly, Kate Mara, and Corey Stoll all giving great performances. There is no extras on the disks at all which gives me a second thought of buying the set. This show is well worth being in anyone's collection who like political drama and just good television.

TV:    4  Stars 
Extras:  0 Stars
Overall: 3 Stars 
Worth the purchase just for the show. 

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