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Dexter is Delicious (2010) - Fifth book in the series

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Unabridged Audiobook is read by the author, Jeff Lindsay

by: Roy MacMillan

Dexter Morgan is now a biological father, but his life won't slow down enough for him to enjoy it. His daughter, Lily Anne, was just born, but he has other irons in the fire as well. He is still a blood spatter expert by day and he is fighting an internal battle with his dark passenger at night. Because of the baby, he wants a clean break and a chance to be a human with emotions. Dexter feels like he is being followed, but he cannot figure out who it is. He is also visited by someone he thought was long dead. Then a kidnapping of a private school student happens, and all Hell breaks loose.

The case begin with vampires in Miami. When the evidence shifts to cannibalism, Dexter and his sister Debra are tasked with finding someone with a connection to the cannibal group. Clues start to develop and they find more than normal leads are supposed to. The bad guys are now onto Dexter. Will Dexter survive the group? Will the missing girl be found? Who will be collateral damage for Dexter's secrets? These and many other mysteries are answered in Dexter is Delicious.

If you are a Dexter fan, this is an enjoyable read. The book is well-paced, funny, and very satisfying. Lindsay provides the reader with a good whodunit for Dexter fans.

Four stars

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