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A MOSTLY spoiler free Review of 'Monster's University' Directed By: Dan Scanlon

Thursday, June 27, 2013

by: Ryan Grudinski


Sequels and prequels scare me, as they should you.  Usually they are garbage.  Usually they have nothing new to say.  Usually they are a cash grab that preys on the people who loved the original with lazy writing, acting, and direction.  Monster's University manages to avoid these pre/sequel pitfalls, and deliver with some real laughs, and heart.  One thing that I look for in a sequel/prequel is whether or not the story warrants telling.  Would these characters organically find themselves in this situation, or is this a stretch?  In the case of Monster's University, it makes sense.  In the monster world scaring is (or was) the most sought after profession.  How does one obtain the skills needed for one's career?  One attends college.  Makes sense.  Ok, that passes the "Does this movie warrant having been made?" test.  Now, was the movie any good?  It started slow, with some pretty lame jokes, but then it really picks up near the twenty minute mark.  I don't like to divulge many plot details in my reviews, so I won't be going through the whole story, but I will say the ending may bother some people, but I honestly thought it was a great lesson for kids watching on.  As I said, I don't want to spoil anything, but if you would like to discuss it with me, feel free to strike up a conversation on the MMP facebook page!  The last thing I'll say is, that some of the new monsters added, namely Charlie Day's "Art" are very funny and likable additions to the Pixar world.

Plot: *** 1/2
Acting: *** 1/2
Writing: ***
Direction: ***
Technical: Typical Pixar animated brilliance.
X-Factors: Charlie Day's Art is hilarious.  Good story with some heart, as well as a non-traditional, yet refreshing ending.
Verdict:  *** 1/2
Will This Movie end up in my collection?  Yes.

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