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A MOSTLY Spoiler Free Review of 'Before Sunset' Directed By: Richard Linklater

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

by: Ryan Grudinski


Jesse and Celine are back nine years after their first encounter.  They were unable to meet up six months after they left each other last, as they had planned.  Despite the hiccup in their plans, they are finally face to face again, and their on-screen chemistry picks up right where it left off.  Delpy and Hawke are able to capture the essence of where these two people would seemingly be in their lives nine years after their first romantic encounter.  It's fascinating to watch these two meet up again as though they had really lived their lives these past nine years without each other.  These films are one of cinema's greatest experiments.  Linklater takes these two great characters and shows us exactly what it would be like if they lived their lives independently from one another for 9 whole years.  The tone of this film is different from that of the last, where 1995's "Before Sunrise" was much more romantic and fanciful in nature, this one is a little more focused and mature.  I think this is a good representation of where these two characters are at these given points in their lives.  They have lived more, they've experienced more, and they are now presented with a situation where the person from one-night-stand whom they shared very deep intimate feelings for almost a decade previous is back in their lives, and both characters are approaching this second encounter with a little more caution and reasoning.  I think the lack of whimsy and romanticism from the first hurts this second installment slightly, but it's really not much of a negative on the overall experience.  The cinematography is just as beautiful as the first and those fancy long takes that Linklater got me with in the first one are back in abundance in order to show off just how good these two actors are.

Plot: *** 1/2
Acting: **** 1/2
Writing: ****
Direction: **** 1/2
Technical: The long shots I Linklater utilizes in these films are great.  The scenery is also beautiful to look at, and the score ain't bad either!
X-Factors: Again, I found the entire overall experience of this film to be extremely rewarding.
Verdict:  ****
Will This Movie end up in my collection?  Yes.

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