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Comic Pick For Week Of 5/8/13

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Note - I have not caught up on The Walking Dead so did not read it this week.

So this is my first review for a comic book please be gentle. So I am going to grade on both story art artwork. This continues the fallout from what happened in Batman Incorporated and starts to set up who will be the next robin and continues Bruce Wayn's grief. Batman takes the Red Hood to take down the men who opened fire at Damian. You can feel the pain and anger in his action, getting close to the edge. The other reason to go where it all happened it just so happened it where the Red Hood, second Robin, died at the Jokers hands. Batman pleads with him to remember how he came back from the dead so he can bring his son back. This leads to a great confrontation between the two and leads to a good verbal showdown. The last teaser for the next issue is a plus. The art works with the story nice clean straight lines, but still has that block look to it.

Artwork - 3/5
Story - 3.5/5
Overall - 3.5

Buddy cop team with Nick Fury is what this should have been called, and this is not a bad thing. I especially like his first part of the book where Logan takes Fury to a super-hero pub where he can get a bullet out of his shoulder. The pub is filled with people who make bets on any super-hero fight for Vegas,  a lady who runs a clean up crew for after the fights, and a comic book writer. some great writing while they are in the pub, especially when Fury brings up him being a loner. Then they go find the source and it goes into to some really good action panels that are drawn really well. The rest of the book is drawn uneven and it is kind of a distraction at points. Still this book is worth the price of the pub scenes alone.

Artwork - 2.5/5
Story - 3.5/5
Overall - 3/5

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