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A MOSTLY Spoiler Free Review Of 'The Hangover Part III' Directed By: Todd Phillips

Thursday, May 30, 2013

By: Ryan Grudinski

I'll be honest, I've seen how negative the response to this film has been since its release, with that knowledge, and the fact that I did not care much for The Hangover Part II, my expectations were low.  It could be the low expectations, or the fact that what I wanted from this movie was different than what the general masses or the critic community wanted, but I really enjoyed the film and found it to be quite a satisfying conclusion to the trilogy.  I wanted this film to be DARK.  I did not appreciate the fact that The Hangover Part II was merely a carbon copy of The Hangover, I did appreciate very much the darker tone the series took in that installment.  This third film does not suffer TOO badly from lazy writing like the second one did, but it does continue to follow that dark path on which that the second one seemed to have set these characters.  This film for all intents and purposes is Alan's story.  Alan, Zack Galafanakis' character will undoubtedly go down in history as an iconic character in the comedy genre.  This third film really showcases this character and his story of finally becoming a man and taking responsibility for himself as an adult.  It may be about 20 years too late, but hey, at least he got there eventually!  I will say that MOST of the scenes that I found to be side splitting were met with absolute silence from the rest of the theater, so I guess if you don't share my comedic sensibilities then this one may not be for you.

Plot: *** 1/2
Acting: *** 1/2
Writing: *** 1/2
Direction: ****
Technical: Dark, Gritty, Funny, and very well shot for a comedy.  One scene in particular when Alan and Phil break into Chow's hotel room is VERY well shot and beautiful from a purely technical standpoint, really some of Todd Phillips' best work ever visually.
X-Factors: Even darker than the second part, and watching Alan's journey into adulthood is a treat to watch.
Verdict:  *** 1/2
Will This Movie end up in my collection?  Yes.

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