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"A MOSTLY spoiler free Review of 'Iron Man 3' Directed By: Shane Black"

Saturday, May 11, 2013

by: Ryan Grudinski


The basic plot of this third installment of the Iron Man franchise is thin at best.  The film is full of holes you could fit an Audi through (this is the car Tony Stark drives.  See what I did there?)  Stark is having trouble dealing with the events that occurred in "The Avengers" in NYC, and is suffering from anxiety attacks as a result.  This is a real issue that plagues many real individuals, and it humanizes the character of Stark.  With the help of his friends, lovely girlfriend, and a spunky little brat that he just so happens to meet, and who also just so happens to share Stark's love of technology, and also just so happens to have daddy issues, and... wait a minute?  I think they wrote this character DELIBERATELY to parallel Stark... Those sneaky bastards, so subtle too!  Anyway, with a little help from his friends, he's able to cope with his anxiety issues and deal with the bad guys.  Unfortunately the writers weren't able to deal with the bad guys a little bit better.  Guy Pearce plays Aldrich Killian, a science-y type who also happens to be a megalomaniac, hell-bent on revenge because  Stark left his nerdy ass waiting on a roof 13 years ago while he banged the pretty girl.  Sorry, man, tough luck.  Maybe you'll get her one day once you've cleaned up your clearly geeky disposition.  Oh wait, that actually happens in the film, too.   Without giving too many plot details away here, some very typical action clichés and tropes rear their ugly and all too familiar heads throughout the duration of the film, which is all topped off by the "everything turns out fucking fine" cliché at the end to appease any people who are into that sort of thing.  There's nothing really shocking, surprising, or thrilling about this film.  It really kind of felt like it was Iron Man O'clock and Marvel/Disney just bucked down, and got through it.  The most positive take-away from the film is it's sense of humor.  I would say that despite all the lackluster qualities that Iron Man 3 brings to the table, it's certainly funny, dare I say, the funniest Marvel movie to date?  I just may dare... I just may.  Robert Downey Jr., who could have been completely phoning it in at this point, and for all we know, probably is, is still very charismatic, and charming as Tony Stark.  Is this film good?  No, not really.  Is this film worth seeing?  Absolutely, there's enough comedy, and charm from RDJ to warrant the price of at least a matinee ticket.  Just don't expect too much from it.

Plot: * 1/2
Acting: ** 1/2
Writing: **
Direction: ***
Technical: Typical action type of effects, nothing bad, nothing great.  Climax is kind of a jumbled mess.
X-Factors: Good humor to it, charming characters (or... Character, Stark)

Verdict:  *** - The Humor really saved this turd.  I could have easily gone lower, but I really did find it to be very funny.
Will This Movie end up in my collection? I own both Iron Man 1 and 2, as well as The Avengers.  I would LIKE to say no, because a movie of this quality would typically never even be considered, but let's be honest, my OCD completist ass will probably buy the damn thing day 1.   My recommendation, though, wait till it's in the $5 bin.

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