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Top Two Blu-Ray Releases For The Week Of 4/23/13

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Richard III

Sir Laurence Olivier produces, directs, and stars in one of Shakespeare's classic plays Richard III. The telling of the villainous Richard III and his attempt to take the crown from his brother Edward. Although not nominated for Best Picyure, Sir Laurence Olivier was nominated for Best Actor but lost to Yul Brynner for The King and I. The ultimate edition of this classic, Criterion has done a great job in the transfer to Blu-ray and it is a must have for any Shakespeare fan or movie lover. With all Criterion releases the extras are amazing some are commentary by playwrights and stage directors Russell Lees and John Wilders, an interview with Sir Lawrence Olivier from 1966, and more. Definitely worth the upgrade to Blu-Ray .

Promised Land (Blu-ray)

Promised Land

The latest from Gus Van Sant is not his best effort but a solid movie none the less. A script from Matt Damon and John Krasinski about a small farming town in need of a boost in the local economy. A big corperation comes into town trying to buy land to dig for natural gas. Matt Damon plays the head salesperson entrusted to but as much land as he can. John Krasinski play an environmental activist trying to stop the purchases. There are few twists and there is some fine acting especially by Frances McDormand as Damon's Right hand lady. As far as extras go there are only two a behind the scene feature and extended scenes. A good Amazon rental or DVD purchase.

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