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Top Two Blu-Ray Releases For The Week Of 4/30/13

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

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Silver Linings Playbook

This was the last of my Oscar movies to see and I did put it off just because it did not look interesting to me in the least, even though it was from one of the directors I like very much David O. Russell.  I was very wrong about this movie. It quickly became one of my favorites of the last year . Bradley Cooper turns in a star performance in his role as mentally unstable individual coming home to live with his parents after a stint in a mental institution.  He really has to bring his a-game (see what I did there)  because Jennifer Lawrence really is a stand out in her role as a woman who lost her husband and is going through some of her own issues.  The ending is not one I expect from this director but other than that its a great film. On a side not this also has good performances by Robert De Niro and Chris Tucker. For extra features there are not to much just the regular behind the scenes and deleted scenes.   If you have not seen this movie you owe it to yourself to watch it.

Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 3 Remastered Blu-Ray 

This is the season that started the ball rolling and helped Next Generation to make a name for itself. The addition of new writer Ronnald Moore, who got the job by handing in a spec script while on a studio tour which became the fifth episode called "The Bonding", added the outside look that this series needed. It is also worth noting that Gene Roddenberry took ill and had step down running the show and gave Michael Piller the reigns. He started adding a bit of conflict into the show and started to dive deeper into the characters themselves. There are more great episodes than mediocre including fan favorites "Yesterday's Enterprise", "Sins of the Father", and "The Best of Both Worlds". The first episode to end in a season cliffhanger.  The best part about these Blu-Rays is that they look so clean and the spruced up special effects are great and wonderful to see in full HD. The awesome extras are also a big part of these disks. You get some great behind the scenes info like Gene hating the pitch for the episode "Family" where after the Borg incident visits his brother on Earth with great conflict between them. However, Rick Berman and Pillar told Moore to write it anyway.  If you are a ST:Next Gen fan you owe it to yourself to get this set. 

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