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New Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer

Thursday, December 6, 2012

There is, for some reason, a divide amongst Star Trek fans.  They do not like this version of Trek because they think Gene Roddenberry would disapprove.  Well guess what he would not like Deep Space Nine either because of the in fighting, politics, and religious problems with in universe.  I love Deep Space Nine, just like I love to like all the versions of Trek, including this version.  I think its a great mix of what Trek is the companionship of the crew mixed with action and emotion.  Two Star Trek movies I teared up in were Wrath Of Khan and the Star Trek reboot.  With that I give you what looks to be another great Star Trek movie.  I am watching The Hobbit in IMAX just for the nine minute preview.  Here is the teaser trailer from Japan with a few extra seconds.

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