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M.A.D. Day 63 - ParaNorman

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

This was a movie that was not even on my radar earlier this year, but the more I saw the trailers the more I wanted to see it. I am a fan of animation, all animation styles intrigue me. I have only liked a few stop motion animated so I went in with some trepidation. There are a few names in the movie but it is no one I have ever really seen do voice over in animation, Casey Affleck, John Goodman, Leslie Man, and Jeff Garlin being the bigger names.

It set in the town of Blithe Hollow, Massachusetts , a young boy names Norman is special. He sees and is able to speak to ghosts including his own grandmother. He is an outcast for being different, and feels like nobody understands him. During rehearsal of a school play witch recounts the time of a witch being tried and executed, he his first vision of what happened 300 hundred years ago. Norman makes a friend at the play and while walking home is confronted by his sick uncle and is told that he must stop the witch by reading to her just as he has done. During the play he has another terrifying vision and makes him look even more odd, his father grounds him with his sister to keep watch. He escapes the house to try to stop the curse of the witch, and the zombies from attacking the town. Or so we think they are evil.

This movie turns everything you think will happen on its head, from re imagining the zombies to the witch being evil. I love the reference to Fight Club with Neil reading book like Asbestos and You. At its core it is a movie about being OK with who you are and accepting other people. It is a thinly veiled story of being accepting of Gay people right down to the end. We should be accepting of all peoples no matter what we think might be odd or strange. It will make this world not only a better place but a happier one too. This is by far one of my favorite movies this year without a doubt. Run and go see it for its story, animation, technical achievements, and for the most important message of all acceptance.

Rating - 4.5 out of 5

Stephen Operach

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