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M.A.D. Day 61 - Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets

Sunday, August 26, 2012

This was Chris Columbus's last directorial Harry Potter movie and the second in the series, I am glad it was his last. I really do like Chris Columbus as a director but as these movies continue they get more complex and have a wicked touch to them which I do not think he has. I think he knew that and that's why he stepped down and let other directors take over which is good for a series because it shines a new eye on things maybe another director would not. It worked for Star Wars the worst of those movies are the ones directed by George Lucas the best movie was not. Chris Columbus does a good job going a little darker, which Harry story needs to do and does his best directing in his career in my opinion.

Story opens with Harry wondering why his friends are not writing him, and then he finds a house elf named Dobby who warns Harry not to go back to Hogwarts. When Harry refuses, Dobby causes havoc with an important meeting of his Uncle's and locks Harry away to prevent him from going to Hogwarts, that night Ron and his brother get Harry out of the house in their father's flying car. The Weasleys take Harry in and get him ready for school. In Diagon Alley they meet up with Hermione and we get introduced to two new characters. The new Defense Against The Dark Arts teacher Gilderoy Lockhart a famous wizard and author, and Lucius Malfoy a loyal servant of Voldemort. Durring this school year the diary of Tom Riddle is found, Harry starts to hear voices, and the Chamber of Secrets is discovered and can only be opened by the heir of Slytherin. Hagrid is thought to be the one to open the Chamber so he is arrested and taken to Azkaban, but someone else has opened it.

This is a much better movie than the first, a lot more action and plot. The kids are finding their strides in the roles and the directing is top notch. This movie moves along smoothly and is longer than the first buy about fifteen minutes, but it feels a lot less short. I love the building blocks set up in this movie and the payoff at the end of the series is that much more satisfying. Everything starts to come together in this movie for the series; I would recommend this be the movie to start with if anyone wanted to jump in.

Rating - 3 Stars out of 5
Stephen Operach

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