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M.A.D. Day 59 - George Of The Jungle

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

First let me apologize to those who follow the Movie A Day Challenge, I will make up the missing weeks and will double down on reviews as the rest of the year proceeds.  Now lets get back into the groove and start giving my opinion on a fine film.  You think I am kidding when I am saying this but I am not, George Of The Jungle is your kids first taste of Monty Python.  It even has John Cleese.  It is a self referential movie at its best.

It is based of the awful cartoon which I never liked, it is a Tarzan rip off but with a comedy bend.  It starts with a cartoon of George crashing into the island and him growing up and getting animal friends, oh and hitting trees.  fast forward twenty five years and a rich heiress played by Leslie Mann who is exploring the jungle.  Her boyfriend played by Thomas Haden Church follows her and starts to ruin her trip.  They are told about a white ape one night and they soon find him in George.  Ursula gets attacked by the lion while Lyle runs away and its left to George to rescue her.  Now she gets lost trying to find the way back but ends up falling for George and when Lyle eventually finds them, he accidentally shoots George.  He is put in jail and she takes George home to San Francisco and it becomes a fish out of water story.

So why is the movie a gateway drug to Monty Python, well let me tell you.  There is on scene where Lyle falls down into poop, the main guide turns into the camera and says "Bad guys falls in poop, classic piece of comedy now we laugh into the camera, ready?" two other guides come into frame "Ready!" then they laugh.  The self awareness of the Narrator when he talks about how no one dies they just get big boo boos, and fight with the characters.  Good comedic timing by all the actors and simple direction is what makes this movie good.  Check it out, its short and I know if you let yourself join in on the fun you will like it too.

Rating - Three Stars Out Of Five
- Stephen J. Operach

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