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The Killing - Wrap Up

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

We finally know the killer of the Larson girl and I did not see it coming.  A warning ahead I will spoil the the end of season 2 so if you want to watch it, or have not seen it and its sitting on your DVR stop reading now.  So this was the year we get closure on the case.  In this season we find out why Darren Richmond jumped of the bridge.  He was depressed missing his wife and wanted to end it all.  I think he knew he was full of shit deep down seeing what happens at the end of this season, and was afraid he would be found out. However he was not the killer.

The arc for Detective Sarah Linden went in around in a circle, into a mental hospital was a bit to much.  However, I could see where they were coming from trying to correct herself by solving the case.  Showing how she got involved in a similar case years ago and went off the deep end.  I am also glad they wrote off her kid mid season, he was unneeded and it shifted focus back to the case at hand .  The fact she solved the case, and gave the Larson family closure.  The person she found to be the killer was.....

Lets talk about the Larson family themselves shall we?  Stan Larson was not her father. but loved her like one.  He was left by his wife after the funeral to raise the two boys with  a little help from Terry the kids mom younger sister.  I thought for sure Terry and Stan were going to get together but Stan' wife shows back up a with a few episodes left in the season.  Now Terry was a high class working girl, and one of her clients worked for Darren Richmond campaign and that brings us to...

Jamie Wright campaign manager and someone who is willing to go to any length to get his candidate.  That brings in the Indian casino who are trying to make a play on the waterfront property that city hall is holding up.  Jamie, head of the casino Ames, and ex chief of police  Jackson meet in on of the renovated rooms to talk about planting Indian bones at the waterfront so they can lay claim to the land and build a new casino.  Rosie over hears the conversation and Jamie catches her, putting her in the trunk of the car.  He calls the other two to meet in the woods and talk about what to do.  While talking it over with the group Ames prostitute Terry want to keep him happy because she loves him, she walks out of the car not knowing it Rosie her niece in the trunk and shifts the car into neutral.  She kills Rosie.  It was a great ending, and to top it off Linden finds a video Rosie taped for her family.  She was going to leave and go explore the world, she says in the video that she loves her parents and brother.

My feelings on the show after giving it a couple of days,it was a great ending.  Except for some bumps in the road it was enjoyable and well acted.  I could feel the pain and heartache of Stan Larson the hurt in his eyes when it gets thrown in his face that she was not even his daughter.  The passion to solve the case from the detectives.  There will be one more season at least and I will watch it, will I re-watch these two past season.  Yeah, but I see some fast forwarding in my future if I do.  Its a good watch but a one watch.  What did you guys think? Lets us know!

-Stephen Operach

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